Pro Fight PRO LEAN MASS 3lbs.
Pro Fight PRO LEAN MASS 3lbs.

Pro Fights Pro Lean Mass is a hard core weight gainer, muscle and strength developer synergistically formulated with high quality nutrients to pack and build massive and explosive muscles. Pro Lean Mass a full spectrum formula is packed with 50g of high quality protein blend to prevent muscle breakdown, 90g of high quality Carbs and 12g of the good fats. Added powerful creatine matrix to get you more pumped by delivering more blood and nutrients to your muscles; MSM to support your hard working joints; Alpha Lipoic Acid to help shuttle the carbs, Glutamine Complex to prevent breaking down your muscle tissue during intense exercise and provide fast recovery. Included Taurine to give you the extra push in the gym, multi Vitamins/Minerals to keep your muscles full of important nutrients, plus digestive enzymes to help you digest the protein and make it readily available to your muscles. Stack with Pro Fights Mega NOII and HMB for maximum and extreme performance.

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