My Account

Q: How Can I Access My Account Information?

You may click on the link at the very top of our screen or at the very bottom of the screen at any time to access your account. You may also click here (you may need to login for this link to work)

Q: How Do I Update My Account Information?

By accessing the link above or accessing your account screen, you may change information at any time, and click the "Save" button on the bottom of your information. You may also change your information as you checkout, and make sure to check the line that says "Update Customer Information".

Q: Is My Information Secure and Private?

Yes, we take your privacy extremely seriously. We will never share, sell, or allow your information to become public in any way without your expressed consent or allowance. All of our customers' accounts and information1 is proprietary, and we will prosecute anyone to the fullest who violates this policy in any way.

Q: Is My Credit Card Information Stored?

No. We do not store your credit card information.