Return Policy

Q: Do You Take Returns?

We do not take returns on items. We may exchange an item for you for a valid reason, however, you will be responsible the shipping charges to us, and to ship an item back to you. Exchanges will be taken on a case by case basis, and we may refer you back to manufacturer.

We will not exchange the following brands under ANY circumstances. They will only deal directly with the consumer, i.e. you:
VPX Sports

Q: I Received A Wrong Or Damaged Item, What Should I Do?

No problem, email us right away: Be sure to include your order number, your name, and describe the exact problem you are having. Please DO NOT throw away any of the packaging material or the box that it was shipped in, until you get the okay from us or the shipping company used. Once you've received a confirmation from us, we will give you instructions as how we may proceed.

In some cases, we may send a call tag for the product, in which case you may need to be at the location of shipping to give the package to the driver. In this case, we will make arrangements for the most convenient time for you.

Shipments are made via USPS Postal Service, and do not come with any tracking information. Other methods of transport may or may not be additional costs.

Q: I Picked The Wrong Flavor

From time to time this happens. As long as you haven't opened the item, we will gladly send you a replacement, however, the receiver (i.e. you) will be responsible for the shipping charges associated with sending the product back to us, and again for sending a replacement. In some cases we may simultaneously ship your item while we wait for the original item. If for some reason you delay the first product back to us longer than 7 business days, we will charge you for both products, in which case there will be no refund. It is imperative that you communicate any problem with shipping back to us, or time constraints. We are here to work with you.

Q: I Don't Like This Product, What Now?

We will not accept any products back, because they didn't work for you. We are here to help you with your supplement goals. Many times incorrect usage or product specific goals may lead to undesirable results. Email us with any questions if you are concerned about a product, it's results, or if it will fit your goal.