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Nar Labs 100% Lean Whey Complex 5lbs
Nar Labs 100% Lean Whey Complex 5lbs

SUPREME FAT BURNING PROTEIN SYSTEMNAR LABS 100% LEAN WHEY COMPLEX is perfectly balanced and complete blend of high quality protein complex with added nutrients designed to increase and maintain lean muscle mass, support weight loss, support protein absorption, speed up muscle repair and recovery. It is perfectly formulated with the purest form of Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Glutamine, Glutamine Peptides, Free Form Amino Acids and BCAAs and more.

50g of High-Quality Whey Protein Complex Glutamine Peptides / Free Form Amino Acids Amino Peptides / BCAAs, CLA, Enzymes

Zero Lactose / Zero Aspartame / NO ADDED SUGAR

Product Highlights
•50g of High-Quality Whey Protein Complex 
•Glutamine Peptides L-Glutamine
•Branched Chain Amino Acids
•Amino Peptide & Free Form Amino Acids
•Digestive Enzymes
•CLA, ALA & L-Carnitine
•Chromium Picolinate & EFAs
 •Helps increase protein intake
•Supports muscle tissue and repair
•Speeds up post-workout recovery process
•Promotes weight loss
•No added sugar
•Delicious-tasting protein

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